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Final demo

From 03/20/2014 from 09:00am

To 03/20/2014 4:00pm

The DIRAC FINAL DEMO was held on Van der Valk Hotel Brussels National Airport, Culliganlaan 4b, 1831, Diegen - Belgium

2° review meeting

From 11/27/2013 from 09:00am

To 11/27/2013 5:00pm

The SECOND REVIEW MEETING was held in Brussel at REA Premises, 1049 


From 05/13/2013 from 09:00am

To 05/14/2013 5:00pm

The DIRAC 6th  Progress Meeting was held in Helsinki, at National Bureau of Investigations, Jokiniemenkuja 4, Vantaa - Finland


From 11/26/2012 from 1:00pm

To 11/27/2012 5:00pm

The 5th progress meeting was held in Bologna, hosted by CNR-IMM


From 05/22/2012 from 2:00pm

To 05/23/2012 2:00pm


The fourth progress meeting will be held in Galati, hosted by UDJG

Mid-term review meeting

From 12/07/2011 from 09:00am

To 12/07/2011 2:00pm


The DIRAC Mid-term review meeting will be held on 07-12-2011, in 16 Place Rogier ▪ B-1210 Brussels ▪ Belgium


From 11/21/2011 from 2:00pm

To 11/22/2011 2:00pm


The Third DIRAC Progress Meeting has been held in Freiburg on 21/22 November 2011, hosted by Fraunhofer IPM


From 05/09/2011 from 09:00am

To 05/10/2011 1:00pm


The Second DIRAC Progress Meeting has been held in Ottobrunn on 09/10 May 2011, hosted by EADS


From 11/22/2010 from 1:30pm

To 11/23/2010 4:30pm


The First DIRAC Progress Meeting will be held in Brussels on 22,23 November 2010, hosted by NICC and by the Belgian Ministry of Justice. 

First Meeting with the Experts

From 09/20/2010 from 2:00pm

To 09/21/2010 4:30pm


The First Meeting with the Experts was held in Brussels , on 20-21 SEPTEMBER 2010. The meeting was attended by  the partners of the DIRAC project and by Experts from the Belgian Federal Police, from the Swiss Customs, and from the German Federal Criminal Police (BKA). The Experts described their experience in the fight against the production and trafficking of illicit drugs,  and provided essential information for reviewing the operational requirements of the DIRAC sensor. 


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